Aboriginal health

In South Eastern NSW, 20,163 people identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Aboriginal people in our region also have a high prevalence of health and lifestyle risk factors, including chronic conditions. 

The need to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to choose and adopt culturally appropriate healthy lifestyles and to manage chronic conditions is important to COORDINARE - South Eastern NSW PHN.

Developing strong partnerships with both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and key service providers will be critical to supporting better health outcomes for these members of our community.

For a snapshot of Aboriginal health and statistics relevant to the South Eastern NSW region, click here.  

Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS) in the region:


Integrated Team Care (ITC) is a program that aims to achieve better treatment and management of chronic conditions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In areas such as cardiac, diabetes, respiratory, cancer and mental health, the program focuses on improving care coordination and providing access to the required services, as well as the provision of supplementary services.  

At COORDINARE, our Integrated Team Care Coordinator, Kay Stewart, provides support and leadership to the commissioned ITC workforce across South Eastern NSW. In partnership with COORDINARE, Aboriginal Medical Service(s) (AMS's) and local GPs, the ITC team listen and address the individual needs of Aboriginal people and communities, while increasing access to mainstream health services.  


The Department of Human Services has five new online guides to help health professionals provide services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

The Our Health, Our Way resources on the NSW Kids website also provides videos and information resources to assist Aboriginal young people navigate the health system.

If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact COORDINARE at info@coordinare.org.au or on 1300 069 002.