Improving immunisation rates

Childhood immunisation rates is one of the four National Headline Performance Indicators for PHNs. COORDINARE has developed a Childhood Immunisation Strategy 2015 to address this priority area.

The purpose of this document is to review relevant data, identify any themes unique to the South Eastern NSW PHN region (the region), identify key stakeholders, describe an initial approach, and articulate initial priorities to improve immunisation results across the region. Action will be led at three levels of intervention: with general practices; with communities at risk; and with the health system as a whole.

The structure of this strategy draws on the systems approach that is at the heart of COORDINARE’s business model. This approach seeks to articulate the thinking, data and evidence of the issues and opportunities to improve across the system as a whole, to focus improvement where it will have the greatest impact. 

This document is considered a permanent work in progress. With engagement and ongoing action comes learning, and COORDINARE’s strategies will be refreshed accordingly.

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