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Please note this service is for GPs only

Have you had these sorts of questions and just can’t get a patient into a psychiatrist?

  • Where to next if fluoxetine isn’t working on my 14-year-old patient?
  • What can I add if an SSRI is working for mood, but my patient still has insomnia?
  • What should I start on an 85-year-old who may be developing psychosis, but is safe?

The GP Psychiatry Support Line can give you instant advice on these and many more questions. It’s free advice from a psychiatrist about diagnosis and management. GPs that use it find it invaluable. Call 1800 16 17 18 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. The average phone consult is 12 minutes and is followed by a written summary of the advice. Watch this short video for an overview of this service exclusively for GPs, including GP Registrars. Register online once, here.

The psychiatrists also screen regular webinars on topics GPs have requested. Participation in each webinar takes a maximum of 60 minutes and earns 2 CPD points (Category 2). The latest webinar, Volume 8: Domestic abuse and family violence, with GP Dr Elizabeth Hindmarsh is available here.

Recent GP feedback (Jan-March 2022)

  • “This is an indispensable service to support GPs who are looking after a greater number of mental health patients due to the pandemic and the inability to get our patients seen by psychiatrists in a timely way as they are so busy."
  • “Thanks for a great service especially as it is so difficult to see a psychiatrist with wait times atm."
  • “Excellent support service for GPs. Has improved my ability to provide psychiatric care for my patients.”
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1800 16 17 18

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