General practice and primary health care offer of support

By filling this form you are consenting to sharing your personal and/or professional details and associated information with COORDINARE. The data provided by you and collected by COORDINARE including all consented personal information and relevant professional details provided in this process are part of COORDINARE’s systematic approach to support primary care services in responding to COVID-19 related activity and its associated regional planning and implementation of relevant support initiatives.
All collected data will be stored securely with COORDINARE and will only be used for direct service assistance initiatives undertaken by COORDINARE in collaboration with key strategic partner organisations - Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District and Southern NSW Local Health District. The raw data will only be accessible by key staff of the three aforementioned organisations. No unit record data or personal information will be shared with any external/third party whatsoever. The collected data will never be used by COORDINARE and its partner organisations for any commercial purposes including any form of marketing and/or advertising. Suitable aggregation of data will be done for any reporting purposes to the Australian Government Department of Health and COORDINARE will take all feasible/suitable steps to maintain complete confidentiality of all personal information collected during this process.

COORDINARE has set up a register of GPs, practice nurses, practice managers, administration staff and other primary health care providers willing to assist during an emergency, pandemic / epidemic or disaster situation. Those willing to provide in person or telehealth support would be contacted in the event of an emergency, pandemic / epidemic or disaster situation to provide assistance at a designated site. This could include a residential aged care facility (RACF), general practice, evacuation and / or recovery centre or other site depending on the situation.

In all emergency situations it is acknowledged that general practice staff are often members of the same community and can therefore be impacted at a personal level. Expressed availability is therefore voluntary and continually assessed throughout the situation.

Organisations / practices

If you or your practice has the capacity to provide support in the event of an emergency, pandemic / epidemic or disaster, whether in person or remotely, please let us know what you can offer and the time period available.

General practitioners

GPs would act as a locum working in the place of the regular physician within the RACF or general practice; or as part of the response team within an evacuation or recovery centre, on a short or longer term basis as advised by the person offering support.

Practice nurses

Practice nurses would provide medical support within the RACF or general practice, or as part of the response team within an evacuation or recovery centre, on an as-needs basis and in line with their scope of practice.

Practice managers and administration staff

Practice managers and administration staff could provide administration support.

I’m interested in offering support, what next?
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  2. if your assistance is required, you may be contacted by the PHN to coordinate your support efforts.
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