Area of work: End of life care

Improving end of life and palliative care in South Eastern NSW is a priority for COORDINARE. We have partnered with a range of organisations and stakeholders to help enhance the quality of services and promote dignity in dying. 

Why is this an area of work?

One in five residents in South Eastern NSW is aged 65 years and older. The premature mortality rates for the region are higher than the state and national averages, and as our population ages, the demand for appropriate end of life and palliative care is growing [1].

End of life care is provided when a person is likely to die within the next 6 to 12 months due to life-limiting, advanced and / or incurable conditions, or old age. 

Appropriate end of life care optimises the quality of life for individuals and their families and carers. It aims to identify and treat symptoms which may be physical, emotional, spiritual, or social. The care should tailored to an individual's needs and preferences, and focus on preventing and / or reducing a person's suffering and promote dignity in dying.