Suicide prevention

Effective suicide prevention requires coordinated effort across sectors, organisations and communities. The South Eastern NSW Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan highlights COORDINARE's collaborative approach to suicide prevention across South Eastern NSW. Strategies and initiatives range from whole-of-community health promotion initiatives, through to the design and commissioning of services that improve access to supports for individuals at risk of suicide.

Working in partnership with a broad range of organisations and community groups, COORDINARE has identified opportunities for system improvements, and the need to design and implement new suicide prevention initiatives tailored to local needs.

Some of the strategies COORDINARE is actively working on include:

  • working with the Local Health Districts to improve crisis and follow up care for individuals following a suicidal crisis
  • commissioning new services and working with existing services to improve access to evidence-based treatment for suicidality
  • supporting GPs and primary care to better identify and support people experiencing suicidality
  • learning from people with a lived experience and working with communities to raise awareness and tackle stigma
  • training key gate keepers within our community
  • supporting safe media reporting
  • understanding our community and data so that activities and resources are directed where they are most needed.

We have recently introduced a new Suicide Prevention team who will work closely with key stakeholders to implement a region-wide approach to suicide prevention. COORDINARE is also a member of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative (the Collaborative), a group comprised of more than 40 local organisations and individuals working together to reduce suicides in the Illawarra Shoalhaven.

Contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 if you are in need of immediate assistance.

For other mental health concerns, visit or talk to someone you trust such as a doctor or health professional.