Patient Centred Medical Home

The PCMH model of care puts the patient at the centre of their care, helping to ensure each patient has the care team they need. This person centred approach to health care incorporates 5 key attributes, designed to deliver equitable, high quality, integrated care that is accessible to all.

ART PCMH comprehensive care

Comprehensive care

This requires a team of care providers to ensure the medical needs of a person is considered as a whole.

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Person centred

PCMHs partner with patients, families and carers in provision of care.  There is an emphasis on supporting and encouraging patient involvement and self-management.

 ART PCMH coordinated care

Coordinated care

The PCMH is responsible for coordinating patient care across the entire health system.

 ART PCMH accesible services

Accessible services

The PCMH provides accessible services including reduced waiting times, urgent access, after hours service and alternate communication methods like email or telephone.

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Quality and safety

PCMH’s are committed to continuous quality improvement using data management and eHealth technologies.

The patient centred medical home incorporates 10 building blocks deemed critical for High Performing Primary Care. You can find out more information by clicking here.