Digital mental health coach

Meet your FREE digital mental health coach to help you make changes and improve how you feel

Created by Flinders University, Clevertar's digital coach app is an evidence-based approach to making positive changes in your life. 

ResizedImage600338 Team 1 2 2If you're experiencing worries or low mood, this 12-week tailored program can help you improve how you feel. You can choose an avatar who will gently guide you through the program and check in to see how you're going. You can watch an introductory video here

How to get started
  1. Use your smartphone or tablet to download the app by searching for 'Clevertar' in the Apple store or Google Play
  2. Open the app and tap 'Create Account'
  3. Enter the invitation code wellbeing
  4. Complete the registration details and get started with your coach!