ACT and Southern NSW HealthPathways

COORDINARE has partnered with Capital Health Network, ACT Health and Southern NSW Local Health District (LHD) to implement HealthPathways across the ACT and Southern NSW.

HealthPathways is an engaging online health information website to be used at the point of care by GPs, specialists, nurses and allied health practitioners. The platform is underpinned by evidence-based practice and provides information on how to assess, manage and refer patients in a timely manner to relevant local services.

Collaboration is key to better health outcomes 

HealthPathways is a great example of a platform that contains localised clinical and referral information for local health services. These services are jointly developed by general practitioners, specialists and other primary health care providers. This collaboration is key to its success, both for practitioners and their patients. Find about more about our Clinical Editors and Clinical Leads >

Why get involved with ACT & Southern NSW HealthPathways?

Watch our video to find out more about who we are, what we do and why you should get involved. 

Only got a minute? Watch this short introduction to ACT & Southern NSW HealthPathways. 

 The latest video in our series explores the unique partnership between Southern NSW LHD, ACT Health, Capital Health Network and COORDINARE. 

Follow our latest news at HealthPathways 

The HealthPathways team produces a regular news bulletin which highlights key achievements, with an overview of the latest exciting work being undertaken on the site. You can browse the news bulletins below: 

To view the latest ACT & Southern NSW HealthPathways Dashboard Reporting tool, click here.

To log in to the live site, go to enter your username and password. Alternatively, you can request access to HealthPathways.

HealthPathways is available to all health professionals within ACT and Southern NSW. It is primarily designed for GPs and their staff, but is also available for medical specialists and other health professionals for use within their scope of practice. Once registered, the user will be emailed a secure login and password to access the HealthPathways portal.

The portal is not designed to be used by patients or the general community. However, there will be information available on the portal that can be provided to patients during a consultation.

Health practitioners are encouraged to participate in the development and refinement of their local HealthPathways in two ways:

  1. by becoming involved in clinical working groups on HealthPathway topics of interest or areas of specialty, where teams work collaboratively to determine optimum patient care processes. You can register your interest by sending an email to
  2. by providing feedback on the HealthPathways site using the ‘send feedback’ tab (far right corner of each HealthPathway) about the content and/or service information.

The benefits of using HealthPathways are:

  • more patients getting the right treatment or specialist care with reduced waiting time
  • clinician-agreed pathways both into and out of the public health system
  • support with information on appropriate referral and pre-referral work up
  • improved quality and appropriateness of referrals
  • local adaption of evidence-based health care and supporting resources
  • more appropriate use of inpatient, outpatient and community services
  • more relevant educational resources for patients available to clinicians
  • clinician engagement in identifying system problems and solutions.

If you are a GP, medical specialist, nurse, allied health or other health care practitioner who would like to suggest a clinical area or condition for a new pathway, please contact our HealthPathways Team on 02 4474 8421 or email

The Resources page contains a collection of useful resources for HealthPathways.

For more information, please refer to this FAQ, user guide and information brochure.

To log in to the live site go to and enter your username and password. Alternatively you can request access to HealthPathways.