Innovation Project

Whilst South Eastern NSW was not selected to take part in the Department of Health’s trial of the Health Care Home (HCH) model, COORDINARE was successful in our application for innovation funding to support and fund activity which will incrementally build the capacity and capability of general practices within our region to ‘get ready’ to be a Health Care Home. This initiative aimed to ensure that practices know what their capacity is and what is required to more efficiently transform to a Health Care Home when it is rolled out nationally.

 The University of Wollongong was contracted to complete an evaluation of the funded general practice projects, available here.

ART PCMH20people20talkingIn the first part of the project we wanted to hear from people in the South Eastern NSW region to understand what they thought about moving towards a more patient centred medical home model of care - what is going to be hard and what would make it easier? The consultation commenced with two regional workshops, followed by individual and group interviews where a broad range of stakeholders including practice staff, consumers, Local Health Districts, private health insurance and allied health could explore and discuss issues. These discussions provided a great forum to learn from regional champions and identify areas for workforce development.

The University of Wollongong has been contracted to undertake an independent consultation of general practice staff right across the region to understand more about your thoughts to adopting a more Patient Centred Medical Home model of care. This information will be used identify what support practices need and what support COORDINARE can offer as you 'get ready' to transition to new models of service delivery.

ART PCMH20innovation202

COORDINARE invited practices to apply for funding to help move towards a Patient Centred Medical Home model of care. The idea was to give practices an opportunity to develop an idea to improve care for patients, test out a different way of working, try something new, or even trial an initiative they'd seen elsewhere.

Selected practices will have an opportunity to work with COORDINARE staff to develop an innovative approach to trial in practice. The approach must align with at least one of Bodenheimer’s 10 Building Blocks of High Performing Primary Care. It should either be new to the practice or a significant enhancement of an existing approach. The initiative must be general practice driven but it could be a partnership with other providers.

Applications for this project are now closed, however we are committed to working with all practices to support change. Please can contact your Health Coordination Consultant to discuss how we can support you.