What support is available?

COORDINARE have developed a number of quality improvement modules which can support the practice identify and create a service of delivery for patients who are most at risk during the flu season. Modules have been created for the following vulnerable groups: 

Practices could be eligible for the following payments:

  • $10,000 if your practice would like to develop and implement of a quality improvement initiative for a particular vulnerable patient group using one of the modules outlined above
  • $2500 per additional module for practices wishing to work with further patient groups
  • $1500 for GPs wishing to utilise Patient Activation Measures (PAM)
  • $850 for practice nurses or relevant allied health professionals wishing to utilise the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®)

The PAM tool is a validated licenced tool that helps to measure the skills, knowledge and confidence a person has in managing their own health and healthcare. It informs the clinician of the individual’s ability to engage with their health and decision making, and can be used to compare outcomes from health programs / initiatives.