Cultural Immersion Training | Batemans Bay

09:00 am 9th May 2024

Southern NSW
Provider training


Facilitated by Errolyn Strang, this free cultural awareness and safety training runs from 9-4.30pm.

Errolyn is an Aboriginal consultant with over 35 years' experience in the development and delivering of Aboriginal Culture training and facilitation.

She delivers cultural immersion training to a range of organisations both non-government and government departments, covering the following topics:

  • Aboriginal Countries - differences in cultures
  • What is a Welcome? What is an Acknowledgement?
  • Welcome to Country
  • Yarning Circle
  • Structural racism
  • White privilege / biases / racism
  • Events impacting on Aboriginal people in NSW and locally
  • Truth telling - a local plan
  • Case studies - these have been specifically designed for COORDINARE.

Target audience: Free training open to all staff that work in a primary care setting (GPs, Practice Nurses, Practice Managers, Practice Admin) within SE NSW PHN or one of our commissioned providers.


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Bay Pavilions, 12 Vesper Street, Batemans Bay NSW 2536