Putting the Patient at the Centre: Patient Centred Medical Home - Symposium

Crabtree Benjamin 016 SH Spring

Save the date for this one-off event featuring a number of international, national and locally recognised speakers!

COORDINARE, in partnership with UOW Graduate Medicine and Peoplecare Health will be presenting ‘Putting the Patient at the Centre’ a Patient Centred Medical Home symposium. This will be held at the Innovation Campus, Wollongong on Saturday 29 April 2017.

Health care organisations, health professionals and other interested parties will be invited to attend and participate in an exploration of the Patient Centred Medical Home (PCMH) that will focus on the potential of this model of care for patients, practitioners and the primary care team.

Professor Benjamin Crabtree (pictured), a US based medical anthropologist and Professor at the Department of Family Practice, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers University (NJ) will share his extensive knowledge of the PCMH and the benefits to patients, practitioners and the primary care team.

An expert panel of local and nationally recognised speakers will also share their perspectives and emerging work on this model of care in the Australian context. Find out more about the line-up of speakers >

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