Baseline needs assessment

A key role of COORDINARE is to analyse health and service needs within South Eastern NSW, and prioritise activity to address those needs.

Our approach to undertaking this Baseline Needs Assessment was to build on the great work undertaken by the two former Medicare Locals as part of their Comprehensive Needs Assessments. Targeted snapshots were also prepared on areas identified as being relevant to the priorities of the Australian Government, and local circumstance. These snapshots examined factors such as local population characteristics, burden of disease and any associated risk factors, patterns of service utilisation, as well as access and equity issues, and were used to update the directions informed by the Comprehensive Needs Assessments.

Targeted engagement occurred through our Clinical Councils and Community Advisory Committee, key health providers and other stakeholders, and this consultation was focused on issues identified through the data analysis.

As a result, eight priority areas have been identified for South Eastern NSW which relate directly to the national priorities and funding programs:

    • chronic disease (and potentially preventable hospitalisations)
    • immunisation
    • cancer screening
    • mental health
    • drug and alcohol
    • Aboriginal health
    • after hours services
    • healthy ageing

This document summarises the Baseline Needs and Assessment, as well as the Activity Plans for 2016-17.

This is an iterative process, with our needs assessment to be updated on an annual basis.