Better care for aged care residents with My Health Record

27 April 2023

A new campaign has been launched to assist Commonwealth funded Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) to register to use My Health Record.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety includes Recommendation 68: Universal Adoption by the aged care sector of digital technology and My Health Record.

In line with Recommendation 68, the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) is offering tailored support to RACFs to assist them to register and use My Health Record to support better care to be provided to older people as they transfer between health and care services.

What are the benefits?

My Health Record is a secure and convenient way for RACF residents’ and their health and care teams to share vaccination and immunisation information, and details about allergies, medications, pathology and radiology results, and shared health summaries. This reduces the time you need to spend chasing this information as a RACF resident visits different health and care facilities or appointments. It reduces duplication and risk and promotes consistent, quality care over a resident’s healthcare journey.

What’s the plan?

Over the next 18 months, a dedicated support team will be available to help RACFs register to use My Health Record and begin realising benefits for staff and residents alike.

What’s next?

This work is particularly important in light of upcoming initiatives such as the Aged Care Transfer Summary that is being developed to support RACF resident’s health and care information following them across different health settings, particularly if they go to hospital or have a GP appointment. Digital enablement and data sharing through My Health Record will reduce the need for hospitals or GPs to chase you for a resident’s information and support better quality of care for older Australians across the country.

What can I do?

To receive priority assistance, you can reach out now to receive one-on-one support sessions (see contact details below), otherwise the Agency will be in touch before June 2023 to assist where required.

What about support?

Visit the Australian Digital Health Agency’s website to access the range of support resources available. You can also access pre-recorded webinars on key topics, or register for upcoming webinars.

The My Health Record registration support team is available by contacting

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