GP Psychiatry Support Line turns two!

22 June 2020

Have you heard about the GP Psychiatry Support Line? It’s a free service exclusively for GPs who require psychiatry advice, on the phone or via secure messaging. It helps you manage the care of mental health consumers without needing to refer or triage them.

Staffed by psychiatrists, the Psychiatry Support Line was established in July 2018 in response to GPs indicating they would like timely access to psychiatry expertise. And it’s about to turn two!

In South Eastern NSW, more than 70% of all GPs have registered for the service, receiving 522 psychiatry consultations since the service commenced.

Feedback from GPs in South Eastern NSW
  • “I have been really impressed with the GP Psychiatry Support Line service. I have mostly used it with quick questions about medications (in this case, use of antipsychotics with long QT). The answers have been fast, confident, and practically useful and focusing on 'real world application', rather than a list of contraindications that I can find in a PI. Thanks. Patient has had a good outcome.”
  • “Great service which makes me feel less isolated and more supported in my small rural community.”
  • Very appreciative of this service. The psychiatrist was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed discussing the issues and recommendations in detail.
  • “Just great to be able to talk through the issues and get sensible advice. Patient has now found herself an admission to hospital for DBT.”
  • “I've found the webinars have given me enough confidence for prescribing; will use if acute issue in rooms.”
How to access the service

Register at – it takes two minutes. You can also register by phone if you prefer. GPs can call 1800 16 17 18 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can also submit your enquiry via secure messaging to ProCare Waratah (via Argus, Medical Objects, HealthLink, E-Referral), with the option of a call back or reply via secure messaging.


The psychiatrists who staff the line produce regular webinars on topics GPs have requested. Participation in each webinar takes a maximum of 60 minutes, and earns 2 CPD points (Category 2).

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