Paid Participation Form

Please fill out one form for each day of activity. If you participated in activities on different days you will need to fill out a form for each of those days. 

Participant Details
Activity (Meetings and Non-Meetings) Activity Time  
Banking Details
Meeting Fee
Note: if you only want to claim out-of-pocket expenses, just select "None".
Please enter any hours for the non-meeting day fee.
Hourly fee on non-meeting day: hour(s) x non-meeting-rate per hour ($83.60) for general participants up to a maximum of five hours per day.
Out of pocket expense, e.g. meals, taxis and parking (please attach receipts) will be reimbursed on top of meeting fee.
Please enter the total KM travelled.
Travel costs will be reimbursed in addition to payment of meeting fee on a per km basis at the rate of 76c per kilometre.
Date of Journey Purpose of Journey Odometer KM Travelled  
Start End Start End Business Private
This is the sum of Meeting Fee, Non-Meeting Day Fee, Out-of-Pocket Expenses, and Travel Costs.