Regional profiling and needs assessment

COORDINARE undertakes comprehensive population health planning through regular analysis and interpretation of a broad range of data and information inputs on: key national priorities, locally assessed needs, service gaps and utilisation patterns, and qualitative needs perceived and expressed by key stakeholders, health and clinical experts, and consumers of health and social services. 

Assessment and analysis of health needs and service gaps have been used to formulate targeted priorities for action.

Seven priority areas have been identified for South Eastern NSW:

  • chronic conditions
  • prevention initiatives 
  • mental health and suicide prevention 
  • drug and alcohol
  • Aboriginal health
  • end of life care.

You can download our latest report of the South Eastern NSW region’s health profile here - Needs Assessment Report 2018. COORDINARE’s needs assessment is an iterative process, and our profile report is updated on a regular basis. 

For further information contact our Strategy and Performance Team, or phone 1300 069 002.