Working together to tailor services to individual needs

Alcohol and other drug use can significantly impact a person's behaviour and harm their physical and mental health, self-esteem, relationships, home and work life. We work with our commissioned partners, local service providers and communities to prevent alcohol and other drug harm, and better support people with alcohol and other drug-related issues.

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    Reducing alcohol and other drug-related harm

    We are guided by the National Drug Strategy and National Ice Action Strategy.

    Our aim is to reduce the harm associated with alcohol and other drugs, with a focus on limiting methamphetamine use in the community.

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    Commissioned service partners

    We have funded several programs to address alcohol and other drug use, prevent harm, and build capability in primary health care and our communities. 

    These programs have helped people with a dependence on alcohol and other drugs by improving access to care, reach and expertise across the region.

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    Visit your local HealthPathways site for information on the management of alcohol and other drugs, as well as various referral pathways.

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Building local capability

Information, resources and business tools are available to support you in delivering care to people with alcohol and other drug-related issues.