Drug and alcohol

Drug and alcohol treatment services are a key priority for COORDINARE. We are guided by the National Drug Strategy 2017-2026 and the National Ice Action Strategy. Our aim is to reduce the harm associated with drugs and alcohol, with a focus on limiting methamphetamine use in the community. Read our Reducing the harm associated with drugs and alcohol statement for more information.

Why is this a priority?
  • 36.5% of adults in South Eastern NSW consume alcohol at high risk levels
  • one third of people with alcohol and other drug use disorder have at least one mental health disorder
  • people with substance use disorders may have complex physical health needs
  • there are increasing rates of pharmaceutical misuse in the community
  • very high risk drinking (11 or more standard drinks on one occasion) at least monthly is on the rise in people aged 50-59.

Harmful drinking increases the risk of cognitive decline and dementia, according to the World Health Organisation.